Camping tips

Camping tips
Selection of camping tips that I've gathered over the years and have been shared with me by Customers. by

Here's a selection of tips, tricks and useless information that I'gathered over the years. Do feel free to contact me with your tips too! These are in no real order but the first thing I often get asked is what to pack.

Sooo...I always start with the basics and think from the first night onwards so washing things, PJs (or not!), towel (more about towels later), book(s), underwear then clothes. If you are going for a week or more you might want to think about packing a tube of hand washing liquid or most Caravan and Camping club sites (where you get a discount) have a laundry room. In terms of towels, there's a lot to be said for considering getting the micro towels; not only do they take up loads less space but they dry out really quick. I also often travel with only a bath towel versus bath sheets - not worth the extra space unless you like to roam around the campsite in only a towel - each to their own! All the cooking and eating implements are already provided so you don't need to think too much here unless you have a favoured cafetiere that you want to take. There is also a small First Aid kit onboard but don't forget to pack any personal medication.

Chargers, don't forget the leads for these. If you are using electric hook up then the two interior plugs will work like at home. Alternatively each van comes with an in-car universal charger with a USB interface so you can charge phones, iPods etc on the move.

To DVD or not??? Purists will scream "Why, you are camping for heavens sake!" Personally  having a six year old and knowing the only thing you can't rely on is the weather I usually pack one with a couple of DVDs just for the rainy start to the day or when you want to get them out of the sun and chilling for a while.

Wellies - if in doubt get them out. There is a great storage space under the rock n' roll bed that is perfect for wellies and other shoes so always worth shoving in.

How to pack: leave them hard outer suitcases behind, think bags and buckets. Those Garden tubs with handles are excellent as are those collapsible crates. Nothing worse than having settled in and then find nowhere to put the packing cases!


Useful bits and bobs:

A pack of cards or other such travel size games - you've no idea how many tournements I've ended up in with total strangers, or they were before the cards and a couple of beers comes out! Outdoor games such as the eternal bubbles, a ball, cricket bat and frisbee are also great for keeping amused whilst waiting for the BBQ to get ready. 

Pegs - I always travel with just a handful to hang out towels, peg back a curtain etc. They are amazingly versatile!

String and scissors - a bit Boys' Own but I've managed to salvage many a mishap with these two items; oh and a couple of small screwdrivers. I have a little boy who tends to need toy cars mended a lot!

Kitchen roll and/or baby wipes - perfect for cleaning up a small cooking and washing area and ensuring your kids don't eat half the campsite with their supper.

Plastic bags - for putting rubbish in, easy to empty every day and a strategically placed hook is in the back of the van for hanging one on.

Binoculars - most of us have a pair tucked away, lost and forgotten in a drawer (often free with RSPB or NT membership!). You'll be amazed at what wildlife you will see as a lot of campsites are in Nature Reserve areas.


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