Winter Camping

Winter Camping
What's needed for Winter Camping trips? by

Are you or have you ever considered a winter camping trip??

You know what, this and spring camping are probably my favourite times of the year. This picture above is from March of 2015 and yes that is a sprinkling of snow you see around the campervan!

There are; I have to say a few considerations before heading off. Although my campervans can sleep four, this is more of a two-man trip unless you are experienced canvas campers at this time of the year and have suitable tog (8or more) sleeping bags; the upstairs can get nippy to say the least!

Secondly as the sun sets earlier and the chances of whiling away the evening beside a BBQ lessen this is where electrical hook-up and a stash of card games or the such can come into their own.

Here's chilling our style:

Ok, so again to upset purists yes we are watching a portable DVD player plugged into the Hook-up. You'll also note that we also have a little fan heater plugged in to the right. The campervans do have heating in the back of the van at the flick of a switch but you need to have the engine on; perfect on the occasions where no hook-up is available but if you can get the same result by avoiding clambering through the seats why wouldn't you? Finally this kind of trip is where you bring the duvet from home. As you are not sleeping on the floor, and you typically don't have the heating on at home overnight, I can honestly say I've never been cold at night. Now the morning.... 

Yes, in the morning you need to take turns at extending the arm out of the snuggly duvet and flicking the plug on to get the heater going but hey presto, literally 3/5 mins. later the van has warmed up and you can get up and dressed and getting the coffee on.

The other advantage is campsite space; and lots of it. In essence the large summer traffic has died down and you can have your pick of spots. I'm going to put myself out there and hope other parents will also admit that; much as you love your kids sometimes the noise of other peoples' can be too much! The other side of the coin is that you actually tend to chat more to your neighbours (if you have them) and typically my son will make firmer friendships with those children that are about. 

This is also deep into the sausage, baked bean and spag bol territory and it provides the finest of mornings to have a fry-up and hang the calories!

So if you are considering braving it - get up and go go ! All hires from Sept to March include (on request at time of booking) a little fan heater and portable loo to avoid a frosty trip through the trees in the dead of night!

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