A little about Me

A little about Me
A little about me and what made me decide to about turn in life and hire out campervans. by

I am passionate about camping & always have been. But when I became a single parent the putting up of a tent became more & more of a struggle to do for one night away. It was eating into valuable chilling time ! I made the decision to buy a campervan…hey presto a Mazda Bongo joined the family (named Bob by my son).

It literally changed my life – I would now pick my son up from school & be at a campsite within the hour – Hand Brake on & we were camping!

This started the germ of an idea that just wouldn’t go away…what if I could make this same easy experience available for all?

I took the plunge this year leaving my safe, secure but ultimately boring Corporate job of 24 years & dived into the Leisure industry. Two feet first I bought my Bongo’s & wondered what does one do next??

 It’s the beginning of my journey & I hope it remains this exciting!

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